I was born on the 23rd of May of 1990, I'm a Gemini, I'm very shy when I first meet people, but after a while I'm a funny and goofy girl. I love to travel, to photograph, to write, to eat, to enjoy life. I would like to consider myself a simple person, a person that loves to enjoy moments instead of things. I prefer to meet new places, go out with friends, instead of going shopping and spend money on one more pair of shoes.

I live with my boyfriend and have a degree in Design. I work at my own coffee shop, 11 to 12 hours a day, so blogging is a way to escape the everyday routine in my life. I try to find the time to blog every chance that I can, sometimes it seems like time is never enough, but we always make times for the things we love to do.

In my blog I like to write mainly about minimalism and living simply. I also love to talk about fashion and beauty, specially organic beauty. I believe that we shouldn't give our skin harsh chemicals, only natural ingredients, and please, no animal testing!





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