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Why I Invested on an Iphone

Monday, February 8

This was so hard for me! I was so unsure if I wanted to pay 400€ for a phone, for my that is too much money for a phone, but.. I did it. I did it because I realized that in the last few years I have bought at least 3 new phone because they always developed problems, my last one actually fell into the toilet! 

When I evaluated the money I had spent on those phones and the reason why the stopped working I decided that it was time to invest on something that would probably last me a lifetime! 

This new phone has a much better software, all my other phones started to get slow after only one month of use, this one is still going strong like I bought it today. An I phone is more durable than any other phone out there.. at least that's what I think. So I did invest 400€ on a phone, although I felt sick in my stomach, and now I couldn't be more happier with it!

On my DressLink wishlist

Saturday, February 6

Recently I came across this pretty cool website with pieces with very cheap prices. I love this type of websites to find pieces with different styles that I would like to try out and not spent a huge amount of money! I have found some very nice pieces that I think I may give a try in the future, if I don't like them I can always give them to friends or make a giveaway!


I saw this cape / blazer and I completely fell in love with it! It will be perfect to make any look more sophisticated and well put together. if I love it that much, I may consider replacing my black blazer! GET IT HERE.


I have a pair of laced up flats, and although this was/is just another trend, it's a trend that I do love and enjoy wearing. I have seen these blouses before and I really want to try one out and see how they look. They are super sexy and are the perfect combination of a simple black top with a twist. GET IT HERE


I have had my eye on a fur vest for quite some time now, but I have never found one that I liked or that was the right price for me to at least try out and see if I liked it and if it went with mu overall style, because, although I'm a minimalist, I like to try out new things. GET IT HERE


I used to have an amazing jumpsuit that I loved.. and it got ruined. I have been searching for a replacement ever since and I still haven't found the right one. At DressLink they have a lot of different designs and they all look amazing! I found one that I think is perfect. GET IT HERE

Inside my memories box

Thursday, February 4

Everyone has a drawer filed with small reminders, movie tickets and little things like that, but since I started my minimalist journey I was able to reduce all those little memories, I now only own one small box with all my little souvenirs and other random things that I can't get rid of because of sentimental value.

It was not easy to fit all the nick-nacks inside a small box, that will probably grow in the future, but I did it and I'm so happy about it. Inside I have a few tickets, some memorabilia that I got on my trips, some travel guides, postcards, magnets, letters and small toys from my childhood and travels.

I no longer feel the need to keep stuff to remind me of precious memories. And I no longer bring souvenirs from my trips, a trick that I have for that is to buy something that you can wear or enjoy on a daily basis on your trip, for example, I bought a gorgeous ring from my trip to Mykonos that I wear all the time!

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