Notes to Self

It has been quite a few days since I blogged. I'm probably not going to post as much, and if I do it will be like 2 or 3 posts in a row and then a 2 weeks with no posts. That how my life is right now. I can't seem to find time or patience to write, but I will make an effort to keep the blog updated.

  • I'm currently on vacation. One week left of my freedom ha ha.
  • I went on a weekend trip to Porto, photos will be coming soon. As well as a post on packing for a weekend trip.
  • I also have a few reviews to make here on the blog.
  • I'm now finally starting to save up some money for when I move to London. The plan is to move there next year with my boyfriend, lets just hope everything goes well.
  • I have been burning candles like crazy.

The Hot Label : Totême

I recently discover this new brand form a Swedish blogger, Elin Kling. Totême is a capsule collection of 20 must-have items. It's great if you want to get inspired when creating your timeless minimalist wardrobe. 

Check out some of the pieces at Net-a-Porter

Not so Boring Neutrals

I don't get why some people think that wearing only neutral colours can be boring. I actually think that it can be quite fun, and besides, everything will go together, so it's much easier to combine all your clothes. My basic colours to go to have always been black, white, dark blue, grey and cream. I also like to add a pop of colour, but having a closet with mostly basic colours it's much more simple and easy to get dress in the morning. 

What to wear when traveling

Summer is here, and do are Summer vacations. We all love to travel to new places, discover new things... and I must say that I adore travelling more than anything in the world. I haven't been it a lot of trips, but I do know how to enjoy a plain ride in the more comfortable, but still stylish, way. 

What you are wearing on the plain must be chosen according to the place where you are going, so that if you are travelling to a cold place you know that you don't need to pack your boots and winter coat, you have to wear it so you can save some space on your suitcase.

  • s c a r f s |  Take a scarf with you to the plain. Even if you are going to a hot destination, it might get cold during the trip.
  • c o n f o r t a b l e   s h o e s |  You don't want to take those stylish heels with you.. thrust me. 
  • j e a n s |  A good pair of comfortable jeans or pants. You are going to be sitting for long hours, so your ass will thank you.
  • l o o s e   t o p s |  Choose a top that is comfortable and won't cut of your blood flow or air circulation, a nice t-shirt or a flowy top is ideal
  • c o z y   s w e a t e r |  If it's too cold, don't hesitate on taking a light sweater, you can also layer that over a top

All the items above can be mixed&matched with each other, so there is a few options for the perfect outfit to wear on the plain. I used items form my closet because it's easier for me to choose what would feel comfortable and look good.

So, are you ready for a Summer vacation?