School Girl Style

Editorial 'Campus Beat' For It Vogue Mar1994

One of my personal style inspirations is the school girl/ preppy style look. I like to look clean and  well dressed, but not overdressed. I like clothes that fit me well without being too baggy or to fit, I like to be able to move but at the same time I like that my clothes look good. So yeah, I influence my style in this 2 styles a lot so I decided to share with you guys how a bit more about this styles. For me they are really similar, but I kinda prefer the school girl style, so I made this post about that, with some influences from the preppy style.

So here we go:

Polo and Oxford shirts: I love to wear oxford shirts and they are one of the must haves when dressing preppy and school girl style. I like them in basic colours like blue, grey, white, and I also love patterns on them. I like to wear them with everything, I think they are one of the best classic piece that you can get for your wardrobe, so even if you don't like this styles I really advise you to buy one anyway. Polo shorts are a recent piece in my outfits, I don't wear them often but sometimes, especial when is hot, I like to wear them. They feel really comfortable and they go with almost everything (shorts, pants, skinny jeans), also they are a must in the preppy style, but not so much on the school girl style, school girls wear more vests I think, I like vests as well, but I don't think they look good on me.

Blazer and Cardigans: blazers are like a weak point of mine, I love them a lot and I wish I could have one in each colour of the rainbow, they can give an outfit that thing that was missing to make it awesome, unfortunately I only use them in the fall/winter or to go out at night, but I really wish I could wear them all year long. Cardigans are also a new must of mine. I like to wear them to give a bit of colour to my outfits, I fell in love with the burgundy one. I also like when they have like a patch (harry potter patch would be awesome - oh god how geek I am).

Pants and Skirts: I used to wear jeans all the time, but now i'm a pants girl, i love tapered trousers, but the ones that are more fitted because they look better on me, and, although I only have one skirt, I like them a lot, especially the ones with a plaid print, school girl style of course. I can't say a lot about this topic, because this depends a lot of the body type of each person, so in my opinion find a good pair of pants that suit you, and if you prefer jeans, choose a black or more dark colour, even if they are blue, it has to be a dark blue.

The shoes: comfortable shoes are a must. I love moccasins, loafers, oxfords and ballerinas. I used to wear All Stars a lot, but now I grow out of them. I don't wear heels but I thinks that a good pair of black heels are a must to have in you closet for certain occasions, otherwise wear loafers and oxfords, wear what you feel more comfortable wearing. But with this kind of style the first four I mentioned are the most used, mostly in brown or black, but with ballerinas you can choose other colours to give a pop of colour to your outfit. Also year knee socks and tights.

Accessories: ties and scarfs are a must, I also like to wear bow-ties. Simple jewelry like pearl earrings, gold necklace or bracelet, don't wear to much jewelry at once, also I always like to wear a nice watch. Choose a good bag in black or brown and you are done.

Makeup: simple and classy. Keep it as natural as you can. Take care of your nails, french manicure is a must.


I din't want to get into the "preppy style" to much, but I always have in my mind that the preppy look is a really clean and polish look and a kinda like that, but I don't go maniac about it. I like having good and timeless pieces of clothing and I like to take good care of them.

I hope this post explain a bit more about my style, and my style inspiration, also if someone has any questions you can always ask :)



  1. eu gosto de fazer listas, mas nem sempre as cumpro x)
    adorei o post!

  2. óptimas escolhas! (:

  3. I love the Vogue editorial that you have chosen it is super inspiring!!

  4. Hey dear,

    congrats on being chosen for this week`s Links a la Mode! Great post.

    Best, Jenny

  5. I would not say the Vogue picture above is actually a good indication of Prep. Influenced, as you say, but not very strongly.

    Despite the models being in a classroom, their age, the number of buttons (double breasted, which happens, but is rare) on their "uniforms" (and the fact the the "uniforms" are not uniforms) with the hats indicates they are far removed from the prep school world. They also lack bows or ties. About the only thing they have "correct" is the long socks and the loafers.

    I would agree with half of your pictured choices, but certainly not all. Brands like American Eagle and Abercrombie are prep-influenced, but are not prep. They also have limited lifespans given their prices and are not a good investment. You are correct about the use of oxfords (a true staple), but I am not sure where you are getting the idea about vests. Perhaps in Europe? Definitely not in the United States where the "prep/ivy" aesthetic developed. You've also left out rugby shirts and tennis sweaters.

  6. Love the editorial photo at the top - great autumn inspiration! :)

  7. Clean and polished is a great look.
    Hope you're well.
    Have a great week :)

    Joy x

  8. Love the set! It pretty much shows my preferences in style as well. :) Plus it's really classy.


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